Aninmification is a strange and spectacular change that that all of the newest Frankinton citizens (excluding the neighbouring towns.) go through. It turns a perfectly normal human being into some weird animal with awesome powers and or odd personalities.

Animification Examples Edit

  • Evie turns into Kiwi at the beginning of Book 2.
  • Lolo turns into Panda Lee at the same time as Kiwi.
  • Lissy turns into The Prankster Wolf later on.

'Animification' Etymology Edit

The word Aninmification sprung out of the writer, Evie K's brain while she was writing Book 2. Chiken Bee was to explain the meaning of this word to Lolo when Evie had turned into Kiwi. Evie K needed a crazy word that was to describe the crazy Frankinton process of people turning into animals and came up with the term 'Animification'.

The Process Edit

If you enter the Frankinton dimension through Chiken Bee's Purple Egg which supposedly has infinity storeys, you have no choice but to go through Animification. It is a simple but mind-boggling process which is explained here.

  • Inside the Purple Egg, you will start to feel quite dizzy. Please note that the process is longer depending on how big your chosen animal is.
  • You will then have the urge to find the food of your chosen animal.
  • Your voice box will change and most of your words will become animal sounds.
  • Then your body will slowly mould to the shape of your chosen animal and at the same time you will sprout the features of it too.
  • Within a blink of the eye you are your Chosen Animal.

Chosen Animals vary for everyone. Sometimes they are your favourite animal or sometimes they can be the animal you look most like. Frankinton Logic goes on holiday sometimes, keep this in mind.

Whenever someone goes through Aninmification, their personality always changes. Every single time. No doubt.

Once Animification has finished, there is no way going back. Unless you consult Professor Happy Cow, then maybe he can make some small changes. Maybe...