If there was only one Main Character, it would have to be Chiken Bee. Chiken Bee is the life and soul of the whole of Frankinton. And yes, it is spelt without a 'C' just coz we're cool like that...


The Roles that Chiken Bee owns are the following:

  • Princess of Frankinton as her parents are the King and Queen. Queen Jimilim and King Bob.
  • The Royal Decider. She decides what the others will do and when they will do it.


Chiken Bee lives her life in Frankinton. She is an immortal just like The Guava from the Dead Lands.

She lives in the Purple Egg when she is waiting for future Frankinton Citizens to teleport and then go through Animification, so they can be just like her. Otherwise she is living in her Awesome Treehouse that she built from scratch.

Chiken Bee has been called a "Fluffy Green Turnip" because of her appearance. She has a striking purple body, A massive Green bit of Fluffiness on her head and her hands and feet are the same. She has blue eyes and a small yellow beak.


Chiken Bee is known as stupid. Which she is. But in Frankinton, stupid means: Smart, Talented, Unique, Person in Demand. Which spells out "STUPID". 

Chiken Bee is stupid because she knows almost everything to know about The Frankinton Dimension. There is only one person that knows more about everything than her. Professor Happy Cow who is one of her good friends.

Her favourite food is chicken. But that's not the only thing she eats.


The credit for founding the character of Frankinton, Chiken Bee goes to one of the eleven year old writers, Bella B. She is the main writer of Frankinton and has made up so many more things and sights in the land of Frankinton.

 Other Names for Chiken BeeEdit

  • Chicken Bee
  • Princess Chiken Bee
  • Fluffy Green Turnip
  • Mr Chicken

Quotes made by Chiken BeeEdit

  • "Nyessssssss..."
  • "Shut up, I don't like you."
  • "HHmmmmmmmm"
  • "Yasi!"
  • "What a good Quest-y-on!"