Evie is one of the first characters we meet in "Frankinton Book 2". She does not appear in the first Frankinton book but makes the second one so much more enjoyable.


For the first one and a half chapters of Book 2, Evie appears as her normal self. But at the end of Chapter 2, Evie turns into Kiwi during Animification. For info on Kiwi go to her page.

Evie's sister is Lolo. Lolo is only 9 months younger than Evie, so they are naturally very close sisters.

In the Book, Evie's hair is brown, slightly curly and is tied up in two low and sensible pony tails. She wears her Kiwi beanie-hat which indicates her favourite animal and what she turns into in the animification in Chapter 2. She also wears a black skirt and tights, a brown singlet top and yellow shoes. 


Evie's personality is kind, caring and sensitive. She's very protective of Lolo and always thinks things through before doing them. She also takes it as her fault they got teleported to Frankinton even though it was Lolo's idea to touch the Purple Egg. Evie's annoyed that she didn't stop Lolo.


Credit for making up the character Evie, is one of the eleven-year-old writers, whose name is indeed Evie K. Evie K based her character 'Evie' on herself but not to the exact level. Evie K also takes credit for making up the main character, Kiwi. It's Evie K's favourite animal too.