This was the picture off the internet that Evie K based the character Kiwi on.

Kiwi is one of the Main Characters in Frankinton. She doesn't appear in the first original book but makes the second one awesome!


Kiwi is a skinny little brown thing that's eyes are the most prominent things on it's entire body. Kiwi's eyes appear as a great part of comedy in Book 2. There are loads of instances and times in the book when something will happen to Kiwi that is hilarious and you will only see the eyes or the eyes are squished and they enlarge, etc. Kiwi has a long beak that is an orangy yellow colour and is almost twice as long as it's body.

In the beginning, Kiwi does not appear as Kiwi. Kiwi, before the Animification, was Evie . For more info on Evie , go to her page.


Kiwi is an extremely stupid creature. A bit mental, too. You can tell by her appearance. Something that stupid-looking can't possibly be that smart. 3 Stupid things Kiwi has done are:

  • Made a wooden laptop and used it for everything. Kiwi did this while making her treehouse and it still remains there.
  • Getting half frozen in a pool of water. Kiwi did this while floating on her back in the pond during the dramatic weather changes.
  • Getting stuck in a snowman. Kiwi also did this during the dramatic weather changes.

Kiwi's favourite food is any type of bugs at all. Sometimes Panda Lee, Miss Yummy Puppy and Chiken Bee trick Kiwi into eating something without bugs in it by telling her it does. Because Kiwi (typically) won't eat a crumb of anything that doesn't have some kind of bugs in it. Miss Yummy Puppy also makes Kiwi, with her amazing cooking skills, Bug Pies. Only Kiwi sucks out the bug meat with her beak and throws away the pastry and then asks for more.


Credit for making up the character, Kiwi goes to one of the eleven-year old writers, Evie K. Evie K based the character 'Kiwi' on a hilarious cartoon picture of a Kiwi on the internet. Evie K also takes credit for making up the character, Evie .