Lolo is one of the first characters we meet in Book 2.


Lolo is only herself for 3 Chapters and then the Animification starts and she turns into Panda Lee. For info on her go to her page.

Lolo's sister is Evie . Evie is only 9 months older than Lolo so they are very close sisters. For info on Evie go to her page.

Lolo has long brown plaits that reach to her waist in the book. She wears her Panda flat cap which indicates her favourite animal and what she turns into during Animification. She also wears her soccer shirt that is white and has black sleeves and says in bold black writing, "LOLO". She also wears trainers and black shorts.


Lolo's personality is fun-loving, confident and daring. She never has any doubt and loves a good dare or something mysterious. 


The credit for making up the character Lolo goes to 3 of the eleven year old writers. Lolo was based on Lauren O. Bella B made up the chaacter and Evie K shaped the Personality.