Miss Yummy Puppy first appeared in Book 1 and is back for Book 2. She fell from the sky one day and met Kiwi .


  • Head Chef of Crappy Delights Restuarant in Crapington.
  • Meal Cook in Frankinton.


Miss Yummy Puppy is an adorable puppy in Frankinton. She has a white chef's hat and floppy ears. They call her Miss Yummy Puppy because she makes the most delicious delicacies in all the land. And they are extremely Yummy!


Miss Yummy Puppy is quite smart. She knows how to cook, She has some logic and she is initially not as dumb as the others. Though she isn't as logical as Panda Lee

Miss Yummy Puppy has a yappy kind of bark. It's not a Ruff! Ruff! It's more of a Yap! Yap!


Izzy A made up the character Miss Yummy Puppy. And Lauren O, Bella B and Evie K altered bits of it to make it perfect.