Panda Lee first appeared in Book 1 and is now back for Book 2. 


  • Prime Minister of Frankinton


Panda Lee was Lolo before Animification. She is a big sleepy Panda at times and a Hippity-Hoppity bamboo-eater at others. You wouldn't want to wake her up when she's sleeping! 

Panda Lee has black patches around her eyes and her stomach is white. Her paws and tail are black aswell as her boofy ears.


Panda Lee has probably the most logic of all the main characters. While Chiken Bee is stupid but has lots of knowledge, Panda Lee has more logic. She along with Kiwi , obey Chiken Bee loyally.


Credit for founding the character, Panda Lee goes to 3 of the eleven year old writers. Bella B based Panda Lee on Lauren O and Evie K built up the character.