Professor Happy Cow is quite a new character in Frankinton. Read on for more.


  • Professor of The Frankinton Dimension


Professor Happy Cow is a genuine dairy cow who has a number of bachelor degrees in very different areas. He is the smartest cow ever known and the smartest in Frankinton. 

He wears grandfather spectacles on the end of his nose and a graduation hat on his head. He has a small tuft of hair on his head underneath the hat and he has smiley eyes. Professor Happy Cow usually wears his blue robes that have warm wool inside them.


Professor Happy Cow owns every type of dictionary, thesaurus, atlas and arcticle in the world whether it is on his Handy Cow (tm)  laptop or in his endless library. Obviously he likes to read and be knowledgeable. Professor Happy Cow lives by the saying: "Knowledge is Power" which he proves correct.

Professor Happy Cow lives in at the bottom of a wide tree at the edge of Frankinton and stores everything he owns (including his endless library) in the big hole, a few metres up from the bottom. He likes to sit and read on the extending branch, outside.

His Magical spots Edit

Professor Happy Cow has some wonderous spots indeed. These spots change position, shape and size every day. He has won countless magician awards for these magical spots.


Evie K made up Professor Happy Cow and based him on her good friend Ethan. They have a lot of similarities.